Getting short-term funding for urgent situations doesn't need to be complicated. Below are some commonly asked questions about working with Payroll Funding Company.

  1. Submit required financials.
  2. Conference call with underwriting team to understand company history, strategy, and financial review.
  3. Decision made by underwriting team for funding. If it’s a good fit, we can execute the funding agreement and disburse funds as quickly as the same business day.

  • Company Financial Statements
  • Bank Statements
  • Tax Returns

No. Payroll Funding Company will not run credit reports on you or your business.

As soon as we receive the required financial documents and conduct our phone review with you, you can obtain the funds as soon as the same day. Approval, dollar amount, and repayment terms are subject to final credit review and underwriting.

Yes, if your PEO allows you to do so, wiring funds directly to your PEO on the company’s behalf eliminates transaction processing time so that payroll can be paid on time.

Our capital can be used for any reasonable business need – not just payroll. Below are some examples of how clients use our short-term fundings.

  • Supplier Discounts
  • Marketing Capital
  • Expansion Resources
  • And more!

Typically, Payroll Funding will analyze a company’s financial needs and fund an amount anywhere from a recent payroll invoice amount or a multiple thereof.

  • Introductory 4% APR for first 5 days ($0.55 per $1,000 borrowed)
  • Additional week = 2.14% of funded amount
  • Extension of up to 26 additional weeks (6 months) for payback 
  • No prepayment penalties or hidden fees

Yes. If the company has had a solid payment history you can have multiple concurrent funding streams up to the established funding limit assigned.

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