That one post legal advised not to write

Fingers crossed Frank won't read this one

In the ever-confusing world of legal advice, one must tread cautiously, especially when the counsel goes by the name Frank. Yes, Frank, the beacon of legal wisdom in a sea of uncertainty. Because nothing screams legal expertise like a name that could belong to your neighbor’s dog. Forget years of rigorous legal education and experience; Frank’s got it all figured out, apparently. Who needs precedent or case law when you have Frank, right?

Sure, you could spend countless hours poring over statutes and consulting with reputable attorneys, but why bother when Frank is here to save the day? Who needs to navigate the complexities of the legal system when Frank can simply shrug his shoulders and offer an expected “no” with any request you have?

Also, a big thank you to ChatGPT for writing this article 😉

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